Motivational Videos for Students

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5 thoughts on “Motivational Videos for Students

  1. I hope these videos are helpful. There is so much information to guide you to your purpose. I hope you find it.


    1. Govea Loera, Andres Ivan
      English 101, Section 17453
      Denzel Washington is a person I always have admired not just because of his acting career, but also because of his personality and values as a person. Every word his speaks during this ceremony comes from wisdom and experience. Perseverance is the only way to success. One must move forward to accomplish his goals. Life is about doing what you must do, to do what you want to do. In the speech he explains failure as something inevitable. The way he opens his speech is just gold by saying “First, you will fail at some point in your life” he then says we need to accept it. He says we must embrace our failures to achieve. He emphasizes perseverance as the key to achieving your goals. I love the line “I never understood that concept, having something to fall back on. If I’m going to fall, I don’t want to fall back on anything… I want to fall forward. I figured at least this way I’ll see what I’m going to hit.”. I felt so related to what he said. One must take risks. “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”. I felt very related to this quote. I wanted to study music, but the truth is I didn’t any opportunity to do it back in Mexico. I was going to be a lawyer because that was what my parents wanted me to do. I figured I had to leave my comfort zone and search for my path, a way to do what I love. Thus, the reason why I came to the United States. I want to bring my dreams to life. As he says life is not a straight path, I would never have imagine coming to the United States and here I am. Thank you for sharing these videos.


      1. Thank you for responding.


  2. I’m so glad that you are inspired to keep going. You’ll find that once you determine not to give up, you will win half the battle.


  3. Luis Hernandez June 4, 2022 — 6:41 am

    Luis Hernandez
    English 101, Section 17453
    Response to motivational videos

    Denzel’s failed attempts at acting relate to my life because I have been unable to achieve goals that I have set for myself. I love that he was able to change the directive about failing because it honestly helped change my perspective. The word “fail” indicates lost hope(to me personally) yet Denzel made it seem part of the roadway to success. When he was finally able to achieve his goal of becoming an actor, it was the first place he was ever denied a chance. It reminded me that in the process of my everyday goal of getting closer to Jesus, I would fail Him. I will fail. However, as Denzel mentioned the place where I failed is where Jesus will take me forward. It’s up to me to have the guts to submit to change.


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