My Process

I feel like this process began when I decided I was not going to live the life my parents lived.  I decided that when I was nine years old.

Since then I have worked ferociously and insanely at being a better me. In high school, I read voraciously about EVERYTHING. In college, my studies focused on spirituality and I began to study meditation practices.  I have always been big on writing down goals and visualizing the next step.

Then I read “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success.”  It was the first time I saw the practices I used in a systematic form.  The perspective I got from this book put my efforts into gear.  The same year I read this book, I signed up for a yoga teacher training course.  I was able to manage the emotional upheaval in my life and maintain focus on my goals.

That worked and things in my life aligned themselves miraculously.  I didn’t stop studying.  I began listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “Life Visioning” series.  I thought I was maintaining the life I created, but it became the catalyst for an entire life overhaul.

I began using the MasterMind Goal Setting program and it brought my life into sharper focus.  As I began to visualize the life I truly want to live, the universe conspired to align me to that.  So, everything I worked so hard for vanished.  It vanished because it wasn’t what I felt in my soul I should do.  I was doing and had acquired what I thought I was supposed to.

I have now surrendered to this process that I’ve chosen.  I continue to use the principles from “The 12 Universal Laws of Success” and I use the MasterMind program almost everyday.  More importantly, I meditate and pray daily.  Honoring my truth and aligning the desires of my heart to the reality I conceive and live is what I seek to master at this time.  That is MY process.  I would to like to hear what your process is.

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