Blacknificent is the Aesthetic



I had the honor and pleasure of closing out Black history month at Exposition Park Regional Library for Celebrating the Black Aesthetic Through the Written Word curated by F. Douglas Brown.  There were two panels of writers representing a cross section of perspectives. Some of the artists included S. Pearl, Peter J. Harris, Terry Robinson, Bridgette Bianca, and Mike Sonksen.

The room was filled with a vibrant energy expressed across the spectrum of age, ethnicity, orientation, and education.  It was also a good feeling to be in the company of people who appreciate and celebrate the power of words which was evidenced in the audience of community residents and a few children.

The event was especially significant for me because of the conversations I had with Amiri Baraka while I was a graduate student at Brooklyn College.  I would call him while I was working on my research paper about the Black Aesthetic Movement. He impressed to me the responsibility African American authors have in upholding the rich legacy of struggle and victory in the United States.  This gathering was a cherished opportunity for me to fellowship with writers who appreciate that heritage.

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2 thoughts on “Blacknificent is the Aesthetic

  1. Ronald Lovell Ross June 6, 2019 — 5:02 am

    Personally I Thank You for Your Golden Touch and reaching out and sparking a fire in me to get to work, and for being a Benificial, Inspiring and Healing Presence in our mist. Grateful to have found and be here with You in this form of social media.
    I can honestly say months ago by seeing and hearing You express one of Your Poems, I’ve truly been touched in a Special Place, which was and continues to be in need of ongoing Healing. That Special Night at SpellCast you Blessed the Mic with Your Poem, and Gifted me with Hope and Awareness Soul Work is in urgent need of the process of Healing to start within.
    I don’t remember the name of the Poem, it was something about a troubled man who may have been from the east coast and was struggling here on the west coast, however I was simply feeling I was the troubled man you were speaking of, and you were being of service with Your abilities to Heal.
    I recall the Piercing Tone of Your Voice speaking Spoken Words. I don’t remember the words, I do remember the Strong Vibrations like being close to fire when cold. You consoled me with Warmth and Comfort.
    You had my attention, and Shined a Divine Light on my internal wound. It Opened My Eyes to the Belief that someone needed and Believed in me, and I could Recover and Heal from the self inflicted wounds of a belief system that didn’t serve my best interest, and that it was something I could not and did not have to do alone.
    Like You, I am an Artist with Gifts and Talents and a Desire to Inspire and Be A Positive Force In Promoting and Causing Divine Love to Spread among the masses and throughout the Universe, bringing forth and maintaining External and Internal Balance.
    I am Open and Willing to Do The Work and with you and others like you who share Your Level of Passion and are Committed to Expressing Truth and Facilitating Healing on this Journey through various forms of Art and Media.



  2. Ronald "Raheem" Ross aka--HERU June 14, 2019 — 12:47 am

    Thank you for being a Benificial, Inspiring and Healing Presence in our mist. Months ago from attending an Open Mic at SpellCast, Personally I can say in Honesty You touched my Soul in a Special Place. A Soul in need of ongoing Healing. Though I’ve heard several of your poems, You Truly captured my full attention with a particular poem that night. I don’t recall the title of it. Yet I felt you were talking directly to me. The poem was something about a toubled man from somewhere back east and was struggling to survive whatever he was experiecing out here on the west coast, and you felt a need to help him find his way.
    I simply recall the way your Words, Passion, and Expressing of your poem awakened my spirits and shined a light on an internal wound and gave me hope for healing. It help me recognize Soul Work needed to be done, and my healing process was a task I could not do and did not have to do alone.
    I hope you recall the poem I’m speaking of, and I get to see you Bless the Mic again with that piece.
    You are valuable to our community like the internal organs of the body, like the Heart, Brain, lungs, etc. We don’t always see them do what they do, but we benefit dearly from the consistent work they do. Thank you for being a part of an esoteric group of people who help our communities strive to find mental, emotionally and spiritual balance. Will definitely be using your services.
    Big Love….


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