Mesmerized by SpellCast July 2018


This month’s  installment of SpellCast was a charged and intimate gathering.  The mood was set with beautiful lighting arrangements created and designed by Tetisheri.  There are not many places in L.A. where you can go and feel comfortable with talking to and hanging out with complete strangers, but I noticed people getting to know each other.  It is a comfortable, laid-back vibe that is special.

The feature poets were amazing.  Simi B and T.R.U.E. gave the room their absolute all.  It was appreciated too.  Both of them are active in the Los Angeles poetry scene and can be seen around town.

SpellCast at KRST Unity Center is the kind of space you can go to and feel welcomed and well received.  This venue is perfect for people just starting out as poets.  The crowds vary in size, but everyone is always supportive.  You can forget your lines and start again or you can rip the mic.  You might even get an unsolicited background singer if someone in the audience is feeling your piece.  It is a truly spontaneous and organic group of artists who come together here.

The admission is $5 and they usually have refreshments for additional donation.  Get your mind and body fed.

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